Scion FR-S, Subaru BRZ overview

The main market Toyota, and Subaru, target with this product is youth, that was not hard to figure. But what is interesting is that the pricing for this car is the same as a much, much more powerful muscle cars. Camaro and Mustang are both cheaper, more powerful, and larger (you may like that or not). So the question remains, why would you buy one?

You hangout with the people you like, eat the food you like… However, there are two main reasons that everyone agrees on: fun to drive and plenty of tuning parts. The main reason that may draw most buyers’ attention is that it is easy to enjoy driving. If you are looking to drag race with the BRZ or FR-S, then you are looking at the wrong car (unless you wanna tune it). This coupe was made to enjoy driving at city speed limit. You do not have to be an expert, neither go to a race track to enjoy driving.

This car fun-to-drive factor is done the nontraditional way, not by more power and more grip. Even though it has low power output, it also has narrow tires. That will give it relatively low grip, especially when cornering, making it easy to swerve the rear end at city speed limit… not that I recommend doing so. Not forgetting the perfect tuning of the suspension that balances comfort and sportiness. It is also light at only ~2,700 lb, so power to weight ratio is 13.8 lbs per horsepower. For comparison sake , GTI ratio is 15.2 lbs per horsepower, Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2.0T ratio is 12.4 lbs per horsepower, and Dodge Charger at 13.6 lbs per horsepower. This enables the FR-S / BRZ to make a 0-60 mph time in mid 6 seconds, and 1/4 mile time of under 15.5 seconds. Unbelievable for a naturally aspirated 2.0L engine.

Bottom line, for $25K, you will buy yourself a very reliable, fun-to-drive, fuel efficient, practical, and distinctive coupe. Aftermarket tuners will crank more power out the boxer 2.0L, for you who love tuning; a turbocharger would boost the power over 300 hp!! see videos below


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