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Our goal is to make it easier to browse vehicles' specs along with performance data. AutoRooster provide 0-60 times & 1/4 mile times, engine specs, and gas mileage data that have been collected from different sources. We do not simply add numbers, we try to match these numbers with simple tests that we do to make sure that our 0-60 times are as accurate as possible. We try to post numbers that are achievable not only on track. However, we do not guarantee the accuracy of performance data, mile per gallon, and other performance and specs listed on the website. Cars 0 to 60 times depend on road condition, tire trend, type of fuel (for some cars) and other factors that will result in different fuel economy, 0-60 times, 1/4 mile and other data. Gas mileage can greatly deviate depending on road terrain, your driving habits! and other factors. Our main goal is to provide easy to follow data sheet that combines performance and specs for new and used car (for each year model and grouped by generation of similar auto specs and performance) since year 2000, with few exceptions. If you cannot find data for new vehicle, then we are most likely working on it. we constantly add new data as new car models are being updated each year.